About Us

International Journalists Association e.V.

is an international Germany-based professional solidarity association formed by gathered journalists reside abroad Turkey. The establishment of the association as a “Public Welfare Guarding Association”, was completed by a group of journalists who have gathered as a platform in 2017.

Its Vision

is to be the organizator itself or the supporter of all activities devoted to developing solidarity and professional improvement between media employees on international scale.

Its Mission

•             is trying to provide benefit and awareness for the improvements in the media field for all media associates, especially for its members

•             is to enhance the info-sharing and cooperation among media associates

•             is to prepare and report researches and analyses over the media sector.

•             is to defend free press and to engage activity to make it widespread

•             is to carry out supportive projects for media employees mistreated while practising their profession.

•             is to organize educational activities aimed at developing professional specializations or for media field candidates.

•              is working to provide financial support to people or institutions, or projects operating in the media sector with its own funds or external sources.

•             is to contribute to the installment of media ethics is to be up against reliance-breaking behaviors to the profession such as manipulation and disinformation

•             is to ensure introduction and dialog engagement of employees from different media groups

•             is to carry out all of its activities globally in the manner of including the media associates all around the country and the world without minding faith, language and race diversity

•             is to be organized and be open to the cooperations with international media institutions, when needed, oriented to its global aim

For extended information: Charter Organization Structure

Our association is carrying out activities on the aim of realizing this mission and vision with the administration schema shown below.

 Administrative Body

Elected by the General Assembly, has the right to form the Executive Committee, responsible for the conduction of the association

Executive Committee

Carries out the organization and execution of the association on the various activity areas

Executive Committee composes of the relevant unit administratives coming together

 Executive Units and their assigned subjects

General Secretary

Responsible for the institutionalization of the association

Follows the member and the official dealings

In charge of the financial matter and technical base

Arranges the meetings and the organization affairs

Conducts the web site and the communication traffic

Education and Organization

Put the association in organization in other countries and settlements

Works to gain new candidates and regain the unemployed members to the sector via new education programmes and endorsements

Organizes new required incentives

Legal Affairs

Screens interventions to the free media and works for them to abolish

Makes the arrested journalists and unjust sufferings remain on the agenda Follows press court cases

Corporate Affairs

Maintains the dialog between association and the other profession institutions

Carries out organizations with non-members and institutions

Makes statements on behalf of the association

Fund and Support

Fund Raising for the Courses, Forming Sources of Income and Evaluation of the Project Supports


Conducts research and development for media field

Prepares reports with domestic and foreign partners

Gives comments over published reports.

Media Ethics

Works for bringing the general adopted media ethics rules and journalism principles into life

Screens violations Develop encouragements projects to reward success



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